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What Are Some of the Genetically Modified Foods?

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You might be surprised at the foods that have already undergone genetic changes. There are a lot more than you think. You’ll find these foods in natural, canned, bagged or frozen varieties.

In fact, studies have shown that more than half of the everyday foods consumers buy at the store to feed themselves and their families has been genetically modified.

As a consumer, you might believe that any changes to the food products you consume would be clearly labelled with this information – especially if anything in the product could cause health issues for you.

It should be clearly labelled so that all consumers have the choice of whether or not to buy them. But this isn’t the case. Foods that have been altered through the means of genetic changes don’t have to be labelled with this information – even though they can cause adverse health issues.

In fact, on the US FDA website, it states that the labelling of these foods is on a volunteer basis. Many manufacturers have chosen not to identify the food as containing any genetic modification.

So you could buy and eat these foods and not even know it. That’s why it’s important that you know which foods have been genetically modified. By avoiding these foods, you can prevent long-term problems that have been associated with these genetic changes.

One of the biggest foods known to have been genetically modified is corn. You’ll find this in many foods that humans eat – but you’ll also find that it’s in animal food as well.

Almost 90% of foods that contain a corn product have been genetically modified. You only need to check your kitchen to see examples of this. If you have cookies or crackers or foods that contain corn syrup, then you have a food that’s been altered.

Besides corn, soy is also genetically modified. And the percentage of soy that’s been genetically modified is even greater than the percentage of corn. Almost 95% of all soy has been altered.

If a food contains the words hydrogenated oils, then it’s been modified. This modified form of soy is even found in baby formula and the fact that it’s been genetically altered isn’t on the label, so parents don’t even realize they’re giving this to their babies.

Though soy has been touted as healthy and even good for consumption, the truth is that since most soy has been genetically modified, it’s extremely unhealthy – especially for babies.

Studies have shown that consuming altered soy can lead to the development of allergies and malnutrition. It’s also been known to cause digestion and immune problems.

You’ll find that soy isn’t the only genetically modified ingredient that parents unknowingly feed to their babies. If it has corn in it, then it’s probably been genetically altered.

What some people have done to try to avoid eating genetically modified foods is to purchase only organic foods. But even organic foods are not always 100% free of these alterations.

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