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About Me

Hi, I’m Steven!

Thanks for checking out my recipes.

Hi there, my name is Steven Spiller although most people know me as Fred. As I have lived on my own for most of my life, I have learned to love the art of cooking. While I am definitely not up there with the likes of Jamie Oliver, or Raymond Blanc (I wish!) I believe have gained a better than average understanding of the culinary arts.

I find cooking to be very therapeutic and fun to do. I love finding recipes and giving them a twist of my own. I tend to lean towards the simple, yet tasty and filling recipes in which you have a large degree of customisation. Not for me the rigid, formulaic recipes of the big restaurants. Give me a recipe with some guidelines for ingredients and then I am happy to find out what new flavours can be gained by playing with the amounts and ingredients.

I decided that I would bring together some of my favourite recipes and some others from across the internet to share with other like-minded people. By experimenting, “improving” and re-sharing these recipes, I truly believe we can make our mealtimes both fun and nutritious for all involved.

A balanced and healthy diet is not as hard as it sounds. Let me help.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to eat well and healthily. If you are living on a budget, looking to improve your culinary skills, or just want to try out new foods, you will find a wide range of dishes.

  • 30+ recipes (and growing) to boost your creativity
  • Easy to find ingredients, common equipment
  • 10+ desserts

Some of My Favourite Recipes

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